September 22, 2009

Final schedule for first semester

After complaining to myself about not haveing time to A: relax B: go to galleries C: go to the refrence library and D: go for my usual long walks which comprise of gallery hopping, I finnally planned out when and where I will be for most of the week.
Sunday is pretty much a day I can choose what to do and Saturday I have time to go for a nice long walk or even go home for lunch then go for a walk.
Tomorrow and Thursday are subject to change but this is my general plan right now.
Trying to save money on food by making it at home as opposed to buying it will help me save money for the New York Trip in the new year. Anyhow, I am going to eat and make a cup of Puerh tea from my Toucha (need to chip a piece off since it's a tea cake)

September 11, 2009

Almost end of a long day

Today I attended(attending or waiting more so for the latter) Post-Modern perspective & Art Writing Workshop. Almost at the end of a long week, I look forward to Gongfu Tea session after, in addition to reading required texts. Assignments need to be completed ,or considered and studies need to be done.
Thesis went well. I have to present my past work next week. Although I switched studios, from room 430(100 McCaul) to the 205 Richmond St studio ( there was a $50 deposit for the other room, money I need for food). Because of this my thesis adviser is changing.
I cleaned up my room studio and set out work to photograph for presentation next Thursday. These images will be posted here as well.
I have been reading Sun Tzu's Art of War in preparation of thesis. It has helped me mentally prepare for the work I want to do.

Class is starting in less than an hour so I will stop here. Wish me luck.

September 02, 2009

New year = thesis

Today I headed out to get OSAP done, but ended up with a number (62) and told to wait till 12. I was really hoping to give the kitchen a wipe down and start cleaning my mini-studio to prepare for classes (school starts on the 8th but my first class is the 10th). Amanda is back today around 1 or 1:30pm-ish, that is including time it takes at Neil-Wyck to get keys etc. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she has done this summer, while I have done a little ,I find it is not enough.
I told my parents yesterday that I'm going to come home Thursday night and stay till Sunday. Perhaps I can get my energy back to work on the large painting. I tried to work on it yesterday but I ended up drinking tea ans stareing at it for 2-4 hours.
When I finnally get OSAP done I think I will document what I have done this summer or maybe the last 8 months.
I get my space on the 11th, hopeing for it to be in the 100 McCaul building. Tonight I need to make a list of stuff I want in my locker and maybe check kiji and craigs list for a cheep (5$-10$) kettle as well (unless my parents have their old one...which pours badly).
I have not decided 100% what materials I'm going to use yet but I have some ideas.
-Oil Paint
-Chinese Ink
Sadly that sounds like all the materials I use. I would love to use ink though, but the decision I would have to make is what surface.
Cathy Daly is haveing a show this month at Birch Liberato. I believe it is on the 12th.
Planing on going. Going to go get something to eat, I'll post latter.