March 30, 2011


Just before heading off to bed I quickly documented all my work from my thesis. Quite a lot to photograph but I will be adding them here sometime tomorrow. And then work on setting aside time to properly document them for portfolio use, just in time since I am going to be studying CSS/HTML/XHTML to create my website. Let's hope the next work, possibly series, does not distract me from getting this all done. Anyhow, Good Night all~

March 29, 2011

Study time~

You can not really continue into something without first understanding it's origin and how techniques. It will be a bit to go through all of these Chinese Painting books but in the end it should be worth it. I am also looking into getting a new portable easel that would make it easier for me to tilt the work space back more to utilize watercolours.
I am going to do some warm up exercises after work along side the cleaning that needs to happen in my room/studio.
I applied to The Next Big Thing that is at the same gallery as before last Thursday, hopefully I can hear back from them. I am going to finish a few things before heading off to work. Bye~

March 23, 2011

Finished work~

Took a bit to finish but it's a good start to find out how I can incorporate tea properly. Heading to my parents' this weekend so I can grab better paper amongst other things I need to grab (watercolours included). The room/studio thing is slowly compromising itself to a comfortable level. Poor Shuuhei (Kitty~) might have his cat litter moved so I can have a little cart with my supplies available. We will see how things go after my trip home~

March 22, 2011

Working away and decideing ..

My studio is small but there is no problem with that. I just need to figure out how to get the water and wash plates right next to me and have all my other equipment organized with it.
The list only starts there. How am I going to store the "Tea paint"? How often do I have to change it before it starts to ( uhhh) mold? Do I want to use watercolours in my work? Do I need thicker paper? (already know the answer: YES!) Do I want to start sizeing my paper before starting? (still a maybe) Is this all cat safe? ( My cat LOVES to get his nose into my things) Am I being catious for my own health?
So many things to go over~ I can't wait to get things together instead of in a tiny basket under my easel.

March 17, 2011

Hysteria 1


Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling and frame

9 X 11 x 3


Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling, plastic doll, thread and frame

9 X 11 x 3


Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling, thread and frame

9 X 11 x 3


Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling, plastic doll and frame

9 X 11 x 3


Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners and frame

9 X 11 x 2


Acrylic yarn, pipe cleaners, polyester filling, plastic doll, thread and frame

9 X 11 x 3