January 30, 2011

Late night- Early morning

Things are due tomorrow. I plan on finishing up little things throughout the day. Artist Statement has gone through alot of revisions, CV is ready, Pricing is set (I think..) and Signage is ready to go. Knitting knitting and knitting whenever I can. The show will slowly come together. 6 pieces at least will be in the show. Small amount which accounts for trial and error.
Once the written work is sent out I can finish my promotional material. Only things right now that are keeping me going is tea, smokes, friends , good food and a walk once a night to have some time to re think things. Looking forward to seeing everyones work up together in the space.
Till tomorrow~

Things due-Count down begins

Everything is slowly coming together. Going to be a tough week, show and inventory at work. Valentines Day is around the corner and right after is the show. Really hopeing my Girlfriend and friends come down to see it.
I am rambling on, guess its time to work more. Wish me luck~

January 27, 2011

Pending show

Figure No. 1
February 16-March 12

The human body is a singular subject that has inspired innumerable creative projects. Five young artists Katherine Bellman, Iris Cho, Faye Darmon, Erin Loree and Sam Singh share their diverse, contemporary takes on the venerated figurative tradition. Viewers can expect a mix of hybrid, metamorphosis, pun and metaphor.

Curated by Vanessa Nicholas

Aboveground Art Supplies is a proud supporter of the OCADU Student Gallery.