November 21, 2011


Here is the interview done by Mrs. Tamires. She had a nice list of questions for me a while back and I eagerly replied to her. Anyhow, here is the final result.
Amanda Seebeck and Me~
Tamires and I will soon have some similar to this~ <3

November 02, 2011


           I recently joined the South Asian Visual Art Centre to participate in a Artist Documentation Workshop. It was lead by Photographer Michael van Leur. He answered all our questions and walked us all through many different methods to document work, depending on the medium. With notes in hand this weekend is going to be filled with gallery openings and documenting of my own work.
          I have to thank the wonderful D for lending me her tripod. Her work is very detailed and filled with spirit, which stretches over into her music as well. Once I am done with the tripod expect new work on her blog over at Ruin and Rebirth.
            I'm off to tidy up so I can paint a wall white to assist with documenting. Till next time~