March 30, 2011


Just before heading off to bed I quickly documented all my work from my thesis. Quite a lot to photograph but I will be adding them here sometime tomorrow. And then work on setting aside time to properly document them for portfolio use, just in time since I am going to be studying CSS/HTML/XHTML to create my website. Let's hope the next work, possibly series, does not distract me from getting this all done. Anyhow, Good Night all~


  1. Aww, Shuu looks so confused.

  2. I imagine it's more like "okay just need to wait for mommy to put that camera thing away and then I can start the attack! But for now just need to act cute so mommy won't be suspicious". x3

  3. If ever you want any help with CSS/HTML/XHTML then just shout. Sadly, my job dictates that I am something of an expert. Unless you are interested in a painful challenge, my advice would be to leave it to people who have to do it, and concentrate your efforts on being creative.