June 26, 2011

Things to do

Putting together a few lists for myself to hack through. All include my own project as well as that those for Lolita Vulgar.

Lolita Vulgar Collective: 1. Interview
2. What I'd like on my page
3. Collection of my work
4. Send CV to Abby
5. Ask other members if D1433 and my page, need a portrait
6. Should we include my sound work as part of my page?

Website: Waiting to hear from Nigel (Thank you again~)
1. Take properly cropped photos of work
2. Take photos to Photo Shop if needed
3. Write Artist Statements for all bodies of work I want to feature.

Cheshire's Nest (art tumbler for galleries and artists): 1. Set up queues for works
2. Open up for submissions

Blog~: 1. Finalize layout design
2. Check old posts for grammar and spelling errors
3. Do I want to add artistic Cha Xi photos?
4. Re-arrange social network links
5. Write a new "about me"

This will take sometime to complete but I am hopeing this will be a good project for the summer. Pride is coming up next weekend (long weekend) hope to take the members of LVC (Lolita Vulgar Collective) to a few shows that are still running. At the MOCCA there is a show that surounds the Cameron House, which two of my professors (Cathy Dayley and John Scott) are part of. Then another show at Le Gallery with Megan McCabe and Bogdan Luca.
Still working on the grid and some studies, although I have moved from my usual imagery towards tea. Just needed something more simplistic to depict for this process to be complete for new work. Anyhow till next time~

June 23, 2011

Site builder test

I found this artist webpage builder online that I am currently testing out. Sooo, for the time being you can see very limited amount of my work here.
I kind of like the simplicity behind it but a lack of creative control. Perhaps I will just have to give in and pay someone to design a webpage I can manage there after.

June 18, 2011

At it~

Just a quick update. Finished study above and my mini studio below. Picked up my piece from the gallery today, I coming back to me has given me the push I need to figure out how I want this new style to go. Colour is working, but I just need to find the balance of it and how much (or how little) detail to put into the works. I hope to finish the second study tommorow (today rather) before heading out to a tea tasting downtown. Really looking forward to the next pay day at the end of this month. A new easel could be in my future, or re-arrange things and bring my big one here. Choices, till next time~