October 25, 2009

working more on the body

After Wednesday and Thursdays critiques I've been working aggressively on various works. I hope to get about 10 works done by Halloween, various sizes. It's a goal, a good one at that.
I'm trying to get good-old-rough-copies of assignments that need to be done. If all works out, Monday will be a studio day. Tuesday, I am hopeing to head to the ROM for a few hours (2-3?) to see the Vanity Fair show. It's free for students to get in so I save 10$ ( I usually go on half price nights, aka friday).

This work I have though is done on Velum with charcoal. I really think I need to make a large version of one like it on the same paper. I am working with the ideas of Donna Haraway and her Cyborg. I quite like the construction of the body. The biology, the mechanics etc.

This other piece is in process, same idea but trying to use the same candy like colours in it. I started to use gel transfers as well, their prity interesting. Going to see how this piece goes.

This watercolor is done actually, but here is it before it was. It's at the studio, I will get around to documenting it soon. Really nice, I wonder what Catherine Will say about it. I'm off to bed, going to open tomorrow. Good Night world.

Toronto International Art Fair

I was really surprised at how many people attended but even more surprised that prity much EVERYONE knew about what they were looking at. Every booth was filled with different works from many different places, Europe, China, Japan, Chicago, Montreal, New York and Even locally (Toronto). I visited many booths ( I think all of them actually), but here is a list of the ones I walked way with some kind of card or catalogue.

Gallerie De Bellefeille ( Montreal, Canada)
Angel Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Olga Korper Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Art Scene (Shanghai, China)
Art Mur (Montreal, Canada)
Corkin Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Galerie Deste (Montreal, Canada)
Birch Liberato (Toronto, Canada)
Anrena Estudio (Mexico)
AGA-T (Nagoya & Fukukoka, Japan)
Quantum (London, England)
Projects Gallery (Philadelphia, USA)
The Power Plant (Toronto, Canada
Galeria Contrast (Barcelona,Spain)
Headbones Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Patrick Mikhail Gallery (Ottawa, Canada)
Gallery Page And Strange (Halifax, Canada)

There are more, local ones mostly, that I saw but did not get anything from their booth. It was exciting to see people buying and enjoying the art. Instead of it being loud, and annoying, it was quite calm (unlike the Anime Convention I went to back in 2001). It is definitely worth the time to go, I missed the lectures but I promised myself to get a pass for the whole duration next year. I may not have walked away with a piece of art but I did manage to get a subscription to both Border Crossings (5 issues and the choice of 2 artist pins that were limited edition) AND Canadian Art Mag (20$, with free mug and current issue, aka that would be 5 issues in total).
In conclusion it is very apparent that I need to go to both Montreal and London to see the art scene.

October 19, 2009

Candy ~ <3

I've been working on some new stuff as midterms are this week. My experimentation with ducktape has lead to the following works. The blue/teal/orange one is still being worked on. These paints, candy like, are so, well edible. I have been reading alot about pornography and how the female body functions. My reference recently has been playboy, which I really adore right now. The pink/neon green work is actually on packaging tape adhered to canvas. Because it was finicky , there are a lot of folds and crinkles in it, making the texture wonderful to work on. I am debating looking into finding ways to adhere saran wrap to the canvas, or just use it for texture, we'll see how that goes. The smaller work, which is WAY too shiny, might possibly get donated to WhoDun it?, I am not sure.

We'll I am off again to go do readings, either for thesis or my postmodern class. Latter.

October 15, 2009

Finnally some progress

I've been playing around the last little bit, materials as well as techniques. Here's some work that has come out of it all. All of which were fueled by my new reference material (Playboy, Curves and Glutes) of women, I do plan to get my hands on transgender imagery (non internet and tasteful, hopefully). I will be visiting both Glad day books and Stag Shop , to decide which is best image wise.
The first two are not for thesis , although I might re work them larger for it possibly. It is an option. Two works are actually on Styrofoam and the black-neon-green-orange one is on black Duck tape. Very interesting effects each surface gives to a work. I quite like the texture of the Styrofoam and duck tape. I'm deciding to possibly use packaging tape over a canvas I prepared for another work, we'll see how that goes. I'm off to sleep. Good night.