December 16, 2010

Working hard

It's been a long year and the new one bring me a show. In Febuary I am haveing some peices in a group show with other Alumni. Putting things together is on it's way. I hope to post progress sometime before or after christmas. New place, new work, new year, new job (same one since June), new friends and just a new outlook on life. Things are looking up.
Anyhow, just wanted to update for those of you who follow me as well as for myself to look back on. This is where things will truely start. Wish me luck and help push me forward towards my goal. A masters of fine art, a job at a university, a family to come back to, friends to fall back on and a warm home to keep my little boy safe ( My cat Shuuhei and any children I might have).


  1. I might have said that someone of your obvious talent and proactive attitude needs little assistance from providence. However, since you are evidently not just trusting to luck, I wish you it in abundance. If you really want it, you will get that MA, a job in academia and a beautiful supportive family. Just go to it, make it happen and take advantage of every ounce of luck that comes your way.

    PS when are you going to show off some more of your excellent paintings?

  2. Lol. I am quite disapointed in myself for not seeing this earlier. I will try to post new work as it comes. Look forward to doodles mostly in the meantime <3