June 18, 2011

At it~

Just a quick update. Finished study above and my mini studio below. Picked up my piece from the gallery today, I coming back to me has given me the push I need to figure out how I want this new style to go. Colour is working, but I just need to find the balance of it and how much (or how little) detail to put into the works. I hope to finish the second study tommorow (today rather) before heading out to a tea tasting downtown. Really looking forward to the next pay day at the end of this month. A new easel could be in my future, or re-arrange things and bring my big one here. Choices, till next time~


  1. Fascinating to see it come to fruition again. Good luck with the easel plan. Although a bigger easel might make for bolder paintings, and so should be encouraged, it might be disheartening for me, as i would see less of your charming clutter.

  2. Thank you Nicholas~ I like yours more though. MUCH more room to spread out~